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July 4th, 2007

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03:14 pm - Awesome
From White House Press Room
On June 5th Dana Perino, filling in for White House Spokesman Tony Snow, was asked,
Q Does the President think at some point it would be appropriate just to speak out about this [the Libby Trial]? The guy has been sentenced. I mean, is he going to run out the clock and wait for all the appeals to be done before the President of the United States speaks about a pretty important matter that was perpetrated by a member of his staff?

MS. PERINO: What I can tell you is how the President reacted today, which is to say that he does feel terrible for them, he thinks they're going through a lot right now, they've been through a lot. But given the fact that the judge has set up a process for appeal and given the way that the President has handled this for the past year or so, he's not going to intervene.

"he's not going to intervene"? Uh huh...

Interesting comparison written in March between Libby and another convicted purger:

The front page has a good collection of opinions, for those interested:

The 2 year parole, may or may not, come into effect:

I wonder if any of the $4 million Fred Thomson raised for Libby will go to paying of his $250,000 fine?

Amazing that the only punishment that might be left would be the actual conviction. No prison time. No parole. No fine. Potentially. But Bush "respects the jury's decision". Doesn't seem like he respects the judge's.

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